New Mature Dating UK Success: Tony and Monica

April 18, 2013

Mature Dating For The Free and Single

Tony Montana, 49 and Monica Lones, 46 met our our uk mature dating site 5 months ago. They got off to a fantastic start since Tony's matchmaker suggested he contact her. He contacted her and asked if she was single, to which she answered yes. Since then he's taken her to movies, shopping malls, arcades, all over the United Kingdom spoiling her and treating her like the princess he thinks she is. Today, Tony and Monica are an active couple, and are welcoming a child soon because Monica told us she is now 3 months pregnant. We wish them the best of success and we look forward to hearing more updates about their child.  

New Mature Dating Success: Sunny and Tiffany

April 15, 2013

Mature Dating For The Mature Free and Single
Sunny, 52 and Tiffany, 45 met on our mature dating uk site, around 3 months ago. Sunny, a retired consultant and Tiffany a social worker for Kids United LLC, got off to a rough start at first with Tiffany thinking Sunny was over confident and a cold hearted ladies man. Sunny tried contacting her 3 times on the network and she had not contacted him back the first 2 times. However, she said the 3rd time he contacted her, something told her he wasn't who she thought he was. Partly because he was begging. His 3rd message to her read: "Hi Tiffany it's Sunny. I don't know why your ignoring my message but please stop it's rude, and I'm begging you to stop. -Sunny" 

Tiffany replied back to him "Sorry Sunny, I was busy. What's up?" To this Sunny replied "Thanks so much for responding. Your a very beautiful girl, and I'd love to actually meet you." Tiffany and Sunny ended up going on their first date back on January 20th and the two found they had more in common than they thought! For 1, they both liked sports. Tiffany is a big time basketball fan and Sunny was very happy to see that. Also, they both liked kids. They began to focus more on what they had in common than their differences. Today, they are both a couple and have met eachothers parents. When we asked Sunny what their next step is, Sunny said: "Moving in together, is the next step for me and Tiffany. Our love is growing more and more everyday, and we don't want to rush this relationship. We're just letting it grow naturally."

New Mature Dating Success: Philip and Sandy

April 13, 2013

Mature Dating For The Mature Free and Single

Philip Monsano, 63, and Sandy Sabina, 60 met on our site 8 months ago. Philip, a retired lawyer and Sandy, a retired accountant were destined to be together. Philip sent Sandy a message saying he thought she was what he needed in his life and told her if she took him up on his dating offer, he promised she would not regret it. Sandy took him up on his offer and today the two are inseperable. They go to the movies every saturday, and go bowling every sunday. Also the two do everything together, and have fallen madly in love. Philip said "It's been great being on your mature dating uk site, but nothing beats the feeling of finding the right one and never having to use the site again."

New Mature Dating Success: Bradley and Amanda

April 13, 2013

Mature Dating For The Mature Free and Single 
Bradley Cunningham, 47 and Amanda Samuels, 43 met on our site 10 months ago. Bradley, a tennis instructor and Amanda a high school teacher had joined the website but really werent finding anyone at first. This got Amanda, discouraged and she said she was going to delete her profile after she became scared she wouldn't meet anyone on the site. Little did she know Bradley had been checking out her profile for weeks but just was afraid to talk to her. Bradley says "It was like I really liked her and wanted to talk to her but I am bad with talking to women. I didn't think she'd like me, and I was scared she would say no to me."
After another week went by Bradley finally got the courage to speak to Amanda, and sent her a message on her site saying "I been wanting to talk to you for weeks now. How are you?" Amanda was shocked to hear his shocking confession, and answered "That's kind of weird, but I'm ok." And the rest is HISTORY. The two began meeting up and going out on dates and started enjoying eachothers company. Today, the two have travelled together to places like Africa, and New Zealand and met eachothers parents, who are also excited for their relationship. When asked what's in their future Amanda said "We have to take it a day at a time and keep growing. But whatever is in our future, contains both of us, so we are definitely staying together." Mature Dating For The Free and Single.

New Mature Dating Success: Jason and Pam

April 2, 2013

Mature Dating For The Mature Free and Single

Jason Bachman, 49 and Pam Masino, 41 met on our site 5 months ago. Jason, a yoga instructor and deep sea diver says he instantly fell in love with Pam's mature dating profile from the minute he saw it. Pam, an elementary school teacher, says she laughed when Jason contacted her on the site and asked her out for a date. "It was just SO out of the blue", says Pam. "I thought 5 guys had sent me a message each that day, but Jason was SO in LOVE with me. I found out he alone sent me 4 of the messages when I checked my inbox. I liked his persistance, most men give up too easy but HE was NOT giving up."

We then asked Jason what made him want her so badly and his response was "Just look at her profile. She's gorgeous." We agreed with him and asked him whats in store for the new couple and he said "Who knows? I'd like to get married, settle down, and have kids soon. She could be the one I end up doing that with." We asked the same question to Pam and she said "We are just taking it one day at a time right now, but we both want to get married soon and eventually have a few kids. Anythings possible now that we found eachother at mature dating." What a lovely couple.


New Mature Dating Success: Scott and Evangelina.

March 13, 2013

Mature Dating For The Mature Free And Single

Scott Barrington, 51 and Evangelina Barrington, 54 met on our site 11 months ago. Scott a retired lawyer, and Evangelina a license nurse, were always drawn to eachother. Even though Evangelina promised herself not to go out with any younger men, she was unable to resist Scott's charm, and rich personality. When asked what drew her to Scott, she said he had a charm about him that made him impossible for her to ignore, and a bigger than life personality, that made her want to be by his side forever.

Scott told us it was Evangelina's witty way with words and her seduction of course. He says he's developed a strong bond with her and sees her as a lifelong partner of his. This is why they married 6 months after their first date. Scott said he's investing in medicine and science and looking to provide a large enough financial nest egg for Evangelina, where she doesn't have to work any longer. Mature Dating.


New Mature Dating Success: Josh and Tiffanisa.

March 6, 2013

Mature Dating For The Mature Free and Single

Josh Weaver, 57 and Tiffanisa Burlington, 53 met on our site 3 months ago, on December, 1st, 2012. They got off to a rocky start with Josh calling her a snobbish bit*h, however they finally agreed to go on a date around December, 18th, 2012 and found out they had much more in common than they thought. After a romantic movie night the two ended up back at eachothers places, kissing the night away. Tiffanisa said although Josh isn't the man of her dreams or anything she could tell he was a genuine and kind hearted guy and she really grew to like him over the course of their date. 

Today the two are an active couple, holding hands when they go places, and kissing passionately making the single people everywhere jealous. When asked how they feel about eachother Josh responded: "We are a complete couple now. We were incomplete before we met eachother however thanks to your Mature Dating site we've found eachother and become complete."

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